Trương Thị An Lạc


Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
Technique : information technology.
Certificate : University.


Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
08/2015 - 07/2018
- 2015 - 2016: Learned and accumulated basic C++ knowledge. Be exposed to object-oriented programming in C # language. - 2016 - 2017: Learn about data structures. Learn the database knowledge: SQL Study and self-study about C#: implement clinic management projects on the winform platform. The application can manage patient lists, add, delete, edit simple drug lists, invoice. - 2016 - 2017: Learn PHP language, create an e-commerce website, a project made jointly with a classmate. - 2017 - 2018: Self-study MongoDB, knowledge of Oracle. Learn and create a website to sell books on the .NET platform. Work much with the power designer application, draw object-oriented models and diagrams.


  • Passionate about web development, software development, as well as everything related to developer.  Goal is to learn, cultivate knowledge as well as accumulate more  experience for work, build and manage software projects, improve team working skills.
  • Hope to find a job in a professional environment, respect each other and take advantage of the programming experience 
  • Accumulated over the past 3 years. And the  position aim for is becoming a front-end developer.


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