Phan Ngọc Việt
System and database administration


Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
Technique : Information Technology.
Certificate : University.

Personal skills

- Proficient knowledge in  Networking, system. Having the ability to  design, install, configure and operate the network, the ability to apply the protocol as well as technology.

- Good technical  writing & presentation skills.



06/2014 - 09/2016

- Optimal design optical fiber path for GPON  networks

- Measuring the quality of GPON network construction

CMC Telecom
09/2016 - 03/2017

Network operate center : monitor, troubleshooting network infrastructure

ELCOM Corporation
03/2017 - 03/2019

Design, implement, maintenance network infrastructure.

Main projects:

-  Building, maintenance, troubleshooting, support services for network VTS HCM

-   Deploy and PM for Dalat Palace project

-  Maintenance devices cisco for Mobifone

-  Deploy fire eye equipment to the Information Technology Department

-   Deploy and PM for Ha Phan project

-  Deploy and PM for Central Park project

-  Deploy and PM for Duyen Ha project


Becoming a solid and strong Expert in Networking & Communication solution.

Thông tin khác

- English: read, listen, speak and write with proficiency.

- Passion for  self-improvement,  self-learning  and self- motivation.

- Hard-working, ability to  work under high pressure.

- Skills to  work independently  as well as collaboratively.

- Ability  to  adapt to  job  requirements.


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